• DIGIGRID™ Energy Solutions
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  • DIGIGRID™ Energy Solutions

    Uninterruptible Power Supply


Digigrid™, the utility provider of choice for smart consumers heads towards to change the face of the electricity consumption business. We let our customers “sleep peacefully” without power worries and guarantee power availability and quality. Being the trusted brand of power, Digigrid™ leverages the latest technologies in power sector to transform power from a commodity to a consumer product.

We set up a micro grid for your power requirements and capture your consumption patterns through smart metering systems. Based on predictive analytics, plan power purchases on the best mix of long and spot buys and ensure that your energy management is professionally managed and taken off your hands that your power costs and usage are optimized. Digigrid™ communicate with the smart grid and dynamically manage your energy resources in response to your demand profile, pricing signals, or be paid to increase or decrease consumption when requested.

Variable Tariffs:Adjust your consumption in response to changes in energy pricing from different sources.

Demand Management: Helps you avoid peak demand penalties by rescheduling non-critical processes.

Whilst being the aggregator of your energy purchases, we procure energy from multiple sources at different times and provide real time energy optimization through the use of data analytics and smart metering solutions. We predict demand and peaking patterns based on historical data and support our customers obtain price arbitrages in energy procurement. We, Digigrid™, get you off from noisy, polluting and expensive DG power setup that are in vogue and improve your sustainability quotient. We provide flexibility from using grid power when available, to micro power when needed.


Demand aggregation and bulk procurement through exchanges

Smart and micro grids – 1-2 Mwe

Rooftop Solar- BIPV





Smart metering

Predictive Analytics

Real time data delivery via internet and smart devices

Fault avoidance

The Opportunity

          State Government utilities are bankrupt – 21 out of 29. (Business Today – July 5th edition – pg.16-18)
  • Young population hooked to electronic gadgets and white goods
  • Poor grid power; back up choice is currently expensive, noisy and polluting diesel gen-sets
  • India is a burgeoning market for power but our distribution infrastructure is abysmal
  • India's per capita consumption of electricity is roughly 950 kWh.
  • Class of consumers who will be willing to pay for quality power – both residential and commercial
  • Current supply is monopolistic and cares little for consumers
  • Grid system outdated and falling apart – no interconnectivity
  • Diesel will be soon de-regularized and DG power costs will become prohibitive

Potential Customers

  • The everyday consumer of power, backed by the willingness and ability to pay for it
  • The new generation of Indians – homes full of gadgets but lacking reliable power (e.g. Gurgaon)
  • IT enabled firms whose backbone is power availability
  • Small industries suffering from long power cuts (e.g. Tirupur)
  • Service those who want a hassle free 24x7 power experience
  • Those keen to keep energy costs to the optimum and concerned for the environment

Electricity Deficit

Micro Grid

  • A micro grid is a local energy grid with control capability, which means it can disconnect from the traditional grid and operate autonomously.
  • A micro grid generally operates while connected to the grid, but importantly, it can break off and operate on its own using local energy generation.
  • A micro grid can be powered by distributed generators, batteries, and/or renewable resources like solar panels. Depending on how it’s fueled and how its requirements are managed, a micro grid might run indefinitely.
  • Micro grids combine various distributed energy resources (DER) to form a whole system that's greater than its parts.
  • It is the need to optimize both energy usage and generation to achieve customer goals for resilience, reliability, and sustainability.

  • The Opportunity
  • Potential Customers
  • Electricity Deficit
  • Micro grid

The Future

Digigrid™ is presently participating in the planning and managing of Smart Cities in various regions of India. It is helping to create cities that can achieve a balance between environmental considerations and ease of living by building energy control centers and introducing Energy Management System (EMS) solutions to make local energy management a reality. In the field of energy, Digigrid™ continues to develop and provide energy solutions in conjunction with institutional reforms in the areas of power generation and power distribution.




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